Review: ‘Wizzywig’ by Ed Piskor

Ed Piskor’s Top Shelf graphic novel “Wizzywig” was another title that I picked up a few weeks ago at SPX. I first became aware of his work years ago when he collaborated on “Macedonia” with the late Harvey Pekar, and I even interviewed Pekar about that project for an article at my old job. Looking … Read moreReview: ‘Wizzywig’ by Ed Piskor

Review: ‘Bjornstrand’ by Renée French

Two elements that I can definitely walk into a book ready to love are the giant, mysterious monster genre and the furry, soft-focus art of Renée French. Her comic “Bjornstrand,” which I picked up at SPX last weekend, delivered on both counts, and it was every bit the plushy, bizarro children’s book belonging in a … Read moreReview: ‘Bjornstrand’ by Renée French

Review: ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ (2012)

Fair warning here. This review contains some spoilers. As an event in history, director Christopher Nolan’s final Batman film is almost impossible to consider apart from two tragedies—the Aurora shooting and the death of Heath Ledger that forever colored “Batman: The Dark Knight.” In turn, both of those events have forever colored how people discuss … Read moreReview: ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ (2012)

‘The Drops of God’ Volume 1 Review: There’s only so much wine

I don’t necessarily avoid manga in my reading diet—it’s just not a staple. I’ve enjoyed Cromartie High School, Ghost in the Shell, Akira and even a little Yotsuba&!. Tadashi Agi and Shu Okimoto’s The Drops of God was little off the beaten path for me—not something I would have come to naturally. As David Brothers … Read more‘The Drops of God’ Volume 1 Review: There’s only so much wine

Reading with Pictures’ ‘Graphic Textbook’ Kickstarter is funded and then some

With a solid 37 hours left to go right now, it looks like Reading with Pictures’ Kickstarter campaign for a new book of educational comics can be considered a success. I interviewed Josh Elder for Education Dive a few days ago, and he was optimistic. It would seem that his positive thinking was appropriate, seeing … Read moreReading with Pictures’ ‘Graphic Textbook’ Kickstarter is funded and then some

Lessons from the week’s webcomics reading: 5/16/2012

My webcomics feed was full of all kinds of knowledge this morning. Here are a few morsels that felt particularly meaningful: • xkcd taught me to be grateful that Apple hasn’t named an OS iteration “Ocelot” yet. • Scenes from a Multiverse taught me that if Jon Rosenberg ever starts a band, that bunny panel … Read moreLessons from the week’s webcomics reading: 5/16/2012

‘Habibi’: A review in progress

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund let a few copies of Craig Thompson’s new graphic novel, Habibi, out of the gate early at SPX, and seeing how I’ve been waiting to read it for the better part of the last decade, I hopped in line and snagged one. I was prepared for Thompson’s extravagant attention … Read more‘Habibi’: A review in progress