100 Days, 100 Comics #81: ‘Batman and Robin’ #12

Well, that was something. Way back at the end of Batman and Robin #4 Morrison had me onboard with the Oberon Sexton mystery, and I’m happy to see that my worst fears weren’t realized, but it turns out I wasn’t far off. Spoiler Alert: Don’t read on to the next paragraph if you don’t want … Read more100 Days, 100 Comics #81: ‘Batman and Robin’ #12

100 Days, 100 Comics #80: ‘Brightest Day’ #1

I do of course realize that there’s no overarching rule outlining what an issue #0 and an issue #1 need to be, but that lack of law doesn’t change the fact that this was really the second issue of a miniseries and formally came together a bit awkwardly. The core story about Boston Brand advanced … Read more100 Days, 100 Comics #80: ‘Brightest Day’ #1