Pinterest use, growth and copyright issues

Any doubts about Pinterest being the social media break-out success of the first half of 2012 were further challenged by the ComScore numbers discussed today at Poynter. February saw site visits shoot up 52 percent, which is just astounding. Personally, I continue to see a faster adoption rate among my friends and colleagues than I … Read morePinterest use, growth and copyright issues

New ‘Cosmopolis’ teaser

Every time I see Robert Pattinson in an image from David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis adaptation, I can’t help but think how impossible it sounds to get Twilight readers buying Don DeLillo books. (I remember picking up my hardcover up off the clearance shelf at a Barnes & Noble years ago.) But I guess stranger things have … Read moreNew ‘Cosmopolis’ teaser

Breakfast Links: a BSG trailer, a ‘Doctor Who’ companion and the NYT paywall

Entertainment • Syfy debuted their trailer for “Blood and Chrome,” the new “Battlestar Galactica” prequel project, which may be a Web series or a pilot/TV movie. My first impression from this trailer is that it’s all action and “Immigrant Song,” so I worry that they’re trying to overcompensate for “Caprica” ditching outer-space dogfights for character … Read moreBreakfast Links: a BSG trailer, a ‘Doctor Who’ companion and the NYT paywall