100 Days, 100 Comics #96: ‘Morning Glories’ #’s 1-3

Of the big three pamphlet comics publishers who launched their own comiXology apps in 2010, Image Comics came the closest to achieving the storefront and selection that I would like to see as a reader and iPad owner. $1.99 is pretty much the ceiling for what I’m willing to pay for a 24-page digital edition … Read more100 Days, 100 Comics #96: ‘Morning Glories’ #’s 1-3

100 Days, 100 Comics #95: ‘X’ed Out’

I’m sure that if William S. Burroughs had ever been given the opportunity to direct a Ziegfield Follies segment featuring a thousand performers playing Tintin and Rosebud from “Citizen Kane,” audience members would have walked away with approximately the same sensation that reading Charles Burns’ graphic novel “X’ed Out” from Pantheon leaves on the mind. … Read more100 Days, 100 Comics #95: ‘X’ed Out’