Link Sausage: 1/2/2011

Link Sausage: 1/2/2011

Happy New Year, everyone. Stuff’s going to be changing gears on my end Monday as I step into the MSJ program at Northwestern’s Medill School for 2011, but just because I’m not freelancing full-time, it doesn’t mean that the gears are going to come to a complete stop pay-work-wise (thank goodness!). Anyway, here’s what’s been up in Internetlandia the last few weeks:

• I weighed in for Splash Page’s Best Comic Books, Webcomics and Graphic Novels of 2010 rundown, as well as Comic Book Resources’ epic Top 100 Comics of 2010 list.

• My friend and colleague Kiel Phegley showed up at a state-of-things interview for The Comics Reporter, and his candid perspective on shifts and evolutions is worth your time.

• I don’t know how high the Winklevoss twins in “The Social Network” ranked on your list of favorite on-screen effects at the movies in 2010, but this little feature that Sony Pictures posted is fascinating:

• This Los Angeles Times photo feature about homeless people living along the L.A. River has kept me coming back whenever I think about it.

• Whatever you thought about “Tron: Legacy,” it inspired great things at Three Frames.

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