100 Days, 100 Comics #55: ‘Batman and Robin’ #6

Batman and Robin #6I won’t go as far as to call Philip Tan’s art in Batman and Robin #6 insufferable, but I’m definitely in agreement with David Wallace that the last two issues have been the weakest thus far in the series, and it has a small mountain to hike back up to save the story’s place among my favorite Morrison tales — even among his Batman work to date.

Yes, there are some spotty severe problems with the art though. I’m going to point to the moment with the elderly couple most prominently where the panel on the lower left part of the page looks like it was sketched in after the fact with barely any thought at all, and the sense of space on that page altogether is rickety to say the least.

That said, Morrison really does have an inspired knack for telling his current Batman story in the context of Gotham City’s media culture — very much in the tradition of Frank Miller’s Dark Knight. There are glimmers of a story that could have been better told in places like the old couple scene and the surprise ending, but they tend to float in a murkier arc right now that ultimately made the end of issue #6 a relief to be done with. Furthermore, the Flamingo was a really shallow character in the end, and despite his entrance and flair for the dramatic, I hope he plays a role that ripens at Morrison approaches his conclusion.

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