Link Sausage: 12/15/2009

Complex took a swing at naming the 50 best comic book covers of 2009. There are some absolutely spectacular choices on there, but I was especially happy to see Juan Doe’s Nova #22 nab the top slot.

• We the writers of MTV’s Splash Page blog have named our own top picks of 2009. It really felt like splitting hairs in a few places, but when it came down to the overall picture and multiple strengths of the selections I made, the hairs ultimately split themselves.

The Beat touches on the health care debate and where it strikes cartoonists. In other news, the reality of the health care situation in America is depressing.

• On his list of less handsome actors suited to revive old movie properties, Chris Ward understands how hilarious Ernest Borgnine can be when used effectively, and this pleases me.

• It really thrills me to know that in a reality not too different from our own David Lynch directed Return of the Jedi.

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