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Link Sausage: 6/29/2011

Posted by – June 29, 2011

• Terri Schwartz, Kara Warner and Josh Wigler presented a fine speculative casting call for “Game of Thrones” Season 2 on MTV Movies Blog. Terri makes a great point there about the show being a potential opportunity for some Harry Potter kids to transition on to new things on solid footing. Also, I would like to see Christopher Eccleston as Stannis Baratheon more than anything else on their list. It would almost make up for him accepting his Destro role in “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.”

• I wrote up a list of the worst teachers in film for IFC last week. I’m always grateful for the opportunity to bring up “Torment” in discussion.

• I’d previously speculated offline that it would only be a matter of time before the Twitter jokes about Japanese radiation leaks and Osama bin Laden being buried at sea resulted in a fully realized comic book tale. Erik Larsen appears to be on top of that, according to his Twitter post from last night:

• This post about video from Netflix and the user reviews of the “Example Short” films is exactly what you need to be informed and get your LOLs on today. (via Metafilter)

Link Sausage: 6/17/2011

Posted by – June 17, 2011

• I would like to use this Link Sausage installment to express solidarity with YouTube commenter jasonportizo and appreciation for the good old fashioned Muppet special effects being used in this Muppets “Green Lantern” parody trailer.

• Goodness knows I’ve enjoyed the performances and plot twists in HBO’s “Game of Thrones” TV adaptation thus far. To only a slightly lesser extent, I have also enjoyed Sean T. Collins and Megan Morse reviewing each episode at The Cool Kids Table. Additionally, I would like to thank Mr. Collins personally for pointing out that (and I quote): “‘Game of Thrones’ is certainly shaping up to be for UK character actors what ‘Law & Order’ was for New York theater veterans.”

• 27-year-old Bill Stiernberg’s 2001 pre-order receipt for “Duke Nukem Forever” has since become the stuff of Internet fame, and Tracey John interviewed him about it for The Daily.

• Nearly all politics aside, the legality of the ways by which the U.S. exercises war powers is a complicated knot of practice, law, context and definitions. I thought this debate between Rep. Dennis Kucinich and former Reagan administration attorney Robert Turner parsed the opposing arguments well on Democracy Now! this week.

• Lastly, a belated Happy Picard Day to one and all reading this. (Via Newby)

Link Sausage: 5/12/2011

Posted by – May 12, 2011

• Medill still owns the bulk of my time right now, but work has been interesting lately, what with today’s story about ChicagoQuest (a.k.a. Chicago’s new video game charter school), this video story I did about a teddy bear built to fight diabetes and other such things.

• Andersonville has a new comics shop, and it’s called AlleyCat Comics. It’s less than two blocks from my place, which is exactly what I need at this point in my life. The location kind of reminds of Neo down in Lincoln Park, but with out the big sign out front. use the alley between Starbucks and Potbelly if you get lost looking for it.

• Kiel Phegley and Ben Morse have been churning out an epic emo ballad of “Smallville” posts at The Cool Kids Table this week in honor of the show’s ten-year run. I’m a sap for reading any and all of whatever they post referencing our old lunch table conversations at Wizard or the ridiculous TV show that I screen-tested for when I was still in high school.

• A Reddit comment thread led me to this incredible video about how Swedes see Finns. If you speak neither country’s language, this may be utterly meaningless to you. But if you do, I assure you that it is amazing:

• Then there was this Atlantic photography feature about atomic testing. This was sobering.

• And then Geektrooper pointed me to this terrible real-world Deadpool story.

Link Sausage: 4/11/2011

Posted by – April 11, 2011

• I’ve been busy doing all manner of things recently in my graduate student capacity, but I have slipped in some time to look at some dandy artwork by Jack Teagle, Justin C. Orr and Hebru Brantley recently in my daily posting at ComicsAlliance.

• And speaking of ComicsAlliance, I’d seen Gail Simone and Marjorie Liu tweeting about this piece of Greg Horn art, but I didn’t see it until Laura Hudson brought it up today.

• Sean T. Collins and Matt Wiegle’s Destructor continues to be one doozy of a visually potent narrative. It’s motion and color at their finest, and I can’t recommend it enough.

• And speaking of comics available online, Tim Seeley, Mike Norton and their colleagues over at Four Star Studios have kicked off a new series of 99-cent downloadable comics called DoubleFeature that kicked off with a bang a few days ago.

• Unfortunately, I haven’t had time to return to Twitter-Wood on Movies Blog back at MTV News, but newly installed editor Josh Wigler has picked it up in my absence, and he’s doing a fine job. I am still doing the Twitter Report at Splash Page, though.

• Lastly, I discovered that someone posted Adam Keker’s 2008 short film “On the Assassination of the President” to YouTube. I think I must have watched this about 30 times by now over the last few years:


Link Sausage: 1/2/2011

Posted by – January 2, 2011

Link Sausage: 1/2/2011

Happy New Year, everyone. Stuff’s going to be changing gears on my end Monday as I step into the MSJ program at Northwestern’s Medill School for 2011, but just because I’m not freelancing full-time, it doesn’t mean that the gears are going to come to a complete stop pay-work-wise (thank goodness!). Anyway, here’s what’s been up in Internetlandia the last few weeks:

• I weighed in for Splash Page’s Best Comic Books, Webcomics and Graphic Novels of 2010 rundown, as well as Comic Book Resources’ epic Top 100 Comics of 2010 list.

• My friend and colleague Kiel Phegley showed up at a state-of-things interview for The Comics Reporter, and his candid perspective on shifts and evolutions is worth your time.

• I don’t know how high the Winklevoss twins in “The Social Network” ranked on your list of favorite on-screen effects at the movies in 2010, but this little feature that Sony Pictures posted is fascinating:

• This Los Angeles Times photo feature about homeless people living along the L.A. River has kept me coming back whenever I think about it.

• Whatever you thought about “Tron: Legacy,” it inspired great things at Three Frames.

Link Sausage: 12/1/2010

Posted by – December 1, 2010

The days have been really packed the last month or so with my daily professional posting elsewhere and other fun things like my MacBook Air review for MTV Multiplayer and the shot-by-shot “Green Lantern” trailer breakdown I did for MTV News. Here’s what’s had my attention during the last week though:

• My old colleague from the Wizard days Sean T. Collins spun his “Destructor Comics” series with Matt Wiegle into a webcomic, and the design of the site there impresses me a little more every time I look at it.

• I’m a sucker for artwork by kids, and according to the cover of this X-Men sketchbook my other former office mate Ben went by his full name “Benjamin” back in the day. The Cable in there is truly spetacular.

• The Spike Jonze video for Arcade Fire’s “The Suburbs” has a sort of a Harmony Korine meets “Jericho” feel to it, and it kicked the wind out of me for a few seconds. It’s a good watch.

• Kevin Spacey looks great in the “Casino Jack” footage that’s floating around, but I really want Jon Lovitz to be an Oscar contender when I eventually go out and see this: