Link Sausage: 12/1/2010

The days have been really packed the last month or so with my daily professional posting elsewhere and other fun things like my MacBook Air review for MTV Multiplayer and the shot-by-shot “Green Lantern” trailer breakdown I did for MTV News. Here’s what’s had my attention during the last week though:

• My old colleague from the Wizard days Sean T. Collins spun his “Destructor Comics” series with Matt Wiegle into a webcomic, and the design of the site there impresses me a little more every time I look at it.

• I’m a sucker for artwork by kids, and according to the cover of this X-Men sketchbook my other former office mate Ben went by his full name “Benjamin” back in the day. The Cable in there is truly spetacular.

• The Spike Jonze video for Arcade Fire’s “The Suburbs” has a sort of a Harmony Korine meets “Jericho” feel to it, and it kicked the wind out of me for a few seconds. It’s a good watch.

• Kevin Spacey looks great in the “Casino Jack” footage that’s floating around, but I really want Jon Lovitz to be an Oscar contender when I eventually go out and see this:

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