Link Sausage: 5/12/2011

• Medill still owns the bulk of my time right now, but work has been interesting lately, what with today’s story about ChicagoQuest (a.k.a. Chicago’s new video game charter school), this video story I did about a teddy bear built to fight diabetes and other such things.

• Andersonville has a new comics shop, and it’s called AlleyCat Comics. It’s less than two blocks from my place, which is exactly what I need at this point in my life. The location kind of reminds of Neo down in Lincoln Park, but with out the big sign out front. use the alley between Starbucks and Potbelly if you get lost looking for it.

• Kiel Phegley and Ben Morse have been churning out an epic emo ballad of “Smallville” posts at The Cool Kids Table this week in honor of the show’s ten-year run. I’m a sap for reading any and all of whatever they post referencing our old lunch table conversations at Wizard or the ridiculous TV show that I screen-tested for when I was still in high school.

• A Reddit comment thread led me to this incredible video about how Swedes see Finns. If you speak neither country’s language, this may be utterly meaningless to you. But if you do, I assure you that it is amazing:

• Then there was this Atlantic photography feature about atomic testing. This was sobering.

• And then Geektrooper pointed me to this terrible real-world Deadpool story.

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