‘Infinity Blade’: The ‘How’d you do that’ Achievement

“Infinity Blade” on the iPhone and iPad recently received an update from Chair Entertainment containing multiplayer features and upping its full achievement count to 64. After snagging 54 of those, I noticed the ominous “How’d you do that” achievement sitting unfulfilled at the bottom of the list. A lot of the FAQs and Q&A posts I looked up glazed over a few of the necessary steps to unlocking it, so I decided to write up a public (and spoiler filled) post to help out anyone out there who’s still confused about it.

This is how you unlock the Dark X-SC2, Dark Tempest, Dark Halo, Dark Fusion and Dark Omega XOS-7:

1. Restart from Bloodline 1. This was the key point that was holding me up. You need to (a)
go to the main menu from within your current game, (b) select Options, and then (c) select Restart Bloodline 1. (If you simply beat the God King and beging another game+ Bloodline 1 to the nth power, none of the subsequent steps here will work.

2. After you’ve restarted at Bloodline 1, you should be getting those old familiar tutorial instructions to block with your shield. Merely tap your shield so that your character raises the shield momentarily and then lowers it in time to get hit with the bad knight’s sword. Do this over and over again until you die. If you get to the point with you’re being told to swing your sword, it’s too late, and you will not be able to get to Bloodline -1.

3. After you die, select Save and Restart Castle from the options you’re your offered. If you do this, you will be sent into negative Bloodline numbers, you should unlock the “How’d you do that” achievement, and everything else will be a piece of cake because you’ll be equipped with all of of these cool weapons.

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  1. This is awesome. However, there is a downside. The price of being a dark god-like warrior is giving up all the other cool toys that the amazing people at Chair and Epic put together for us to play with. So if you wish to sell your soul, make sure you’ve gotten as much out of the game as possible. If you’ve found a way around this, please share your secret.

  2. It’s true. But you can get everything back (and buy the Dark items as well) if you choose to restart from Bloodline 1 from within the negative bloodlines.

  3. Restarting the bloodlines and winning against the dark knight gets you back to the normal bloodlines, although I don’t recommend doing it until you get to bloodline -10. If you get to bloodline -10 and restart, you’ll have everything you had in the negatives (including $$$) except the awesome dark armor :(. Since negative bloodlines give so much money, a trick is to buy the infinity blade in the negatives and restart at bloodline -10, then you have the infinity blade!

  4. Once you are in the negative bloodline, if you are just starting, all you should do will be: buy the infinity blade, and master everything you can (maybe with money). NOTE: if you restart bloodine 1, unlike New game+, you will carry EVERYTHING YOU HAVE (except the dark mech gears, but they will be unlocked in the store). You do not need to reach bloodline -10 to carry everything back to normal bloodline, then, I would recommend you to kill the deathless kings, restart bloodline 1, kill the deathless kings, sell your dragoor stuff (you should keep 1 each), it wouls give you around 800,000 per run, just repeat this process until you have like 10,000,000 $, then go to the negative bloodline, (because in the negative bloodline, you will have every items unlocked, so just buy the zero mech gears). Hope this helps

  5. If you want to do the negative trick without loseing your first character goto character slots then start a new character and do the negaive bloodline

  6. Hi, I’ve maxxed out

    Dark X-SC2 (weapon)
    Dark Tempest (shield)
    Dark Fusion (helmet)
    Dark Omega XOS-7 (armor)
    Dark Halo (ring)

    on the Negative Bloodlines. Are there any items available that I could buy and xp-max out on the negative bloodline? or is the objective of negative bloodline to max these out, get as much xp + level as possible, get money together and then pretty much be stuck around xplevel64 (at least in my case), buy the infinity blade and then return back to regular bloodlines?

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