Link Sausage: 6/17/2011

• I would like to use this Link Sausage installment to express solidarity with YouTube commenter jasonportizo and appreciation for the good old fashioned Muppet special effects being used in this Muppets “Green Lantern” parody trailer.

• Goodness knows I’ve enjoyed the performances and plot twists in HBO’s “Game of Thrones” TV adaptation thus far. To only a slightly lesser extent, I have also enjoyed Sean T. Collins and Megan Morse reviewing each episode at The Cool Kids Table. Additionally, I would like to thank Mr. Collins personally for pointing out that (and I quote): “‘Game of Thrones’ is certainly shaping up to be for UK character actors what ‘Law & Order’ was for New York theater veterans.”

• 27-year-old Bill Stiernberg’s 2001 pre-order receipt for “Duke Nukem Forever” has since become the stuff of Internet fame, and Tracey John interviewed him about it for The Daily.

• Nearly all politics aside, the legality of the ways by which the U.S. exercises war powers is a complicated knot of practice, law, context and definitions. I thought this debate between Rep. Dennis Kucinich and former Reagan administration attorney Robert Turner parsed the opposing arguments well on Democracy Now! this week.

• Lastly, a belated Happy Picard Day to one and all reading this. (Via Newby)

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