Link Sausage: 4/11/2011

• I’ve been busy doing all manner of things recently in my graduate student capacity, but I have slipped in some time to look at some dandy artwork by Jack Teagle, Justin C. Orr and Hebru Brantley recently in my daily posting at ComicsAlliance.

• And speaking of ComicsAlliance, I’d seen Gail Simone and Marjorie Liu tweeting about this piece of Greg Horn art, but I didn’t see it until Laura Hudson brought it up today.

• Sean T. Collins and Matt Wiegle’s Destructor continues to be one doozy of a visually potent narrative. It’s motion and color at their finest, and I can’t recommend it enough.

• And speaking of comics available online, Tim Seeley, Mike Norton and their colleagues over at Four Star Studios have kicked off a new series of 99-cent downloadable comics called DoubleFeature that kicked off with a bang a few days ago.

• Unfortunately, I haven’t had time to return to Twitter-Wood on Movies Blog back at MTV News, but newly installed editor Josh Wigler has picked it up in my absence, and he’s doing a fine job. I am still doing the Twitter Report at Splash Page, though.

• Lastly, I discovered that someone posted Adam Keker’s 2008 short film “On the Assassination of the President” to YouTube. I think I must have watched this about 30 times by now over the last few years:


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