‘Justice League’ #1 Review: Where did everybody go?

Once again, nothing will ever be the same in the DC Universe—at least until another company-wide crossover event comes along and throws gasoline on already-problematic fires once again. That’s the cynical way to read DC’s hero-redefining refresh that begins in Geoff Johns and Jim Lee’s Justice League #1. I’m actually more hopeful, though. If “Crisis on … Read more‘Justice League’ #1 Review: Where did everybody go?

‘Flashpoint’ #5 Review: Batman wept

The end of the DC Universe’s final sprawling crossover event before its much-ballyhooed reboot arrived today in Flashpoint #5. Once more, the burden of DC’s Gordian continuity knot falls upon The Flash, and this is the tale of how he ultimately confronts Eobard Thawne and resolves one scrambled universe cluster-belch and ushers in a newer, … Read more‘Flashpoint’ #5 Review: Batman wept

When can I download the new ‘Justice League’ #1?

It looks like the answer is 2:00 p.m. Eastern. DC Comics plan to implement day-and-date synchronization for their comics digitally and in print is still set to begin today. Alas, I just checked comiXology, and it doesn’t look like iPads are going to be competing with any of the midnight release parties going on around … Read moreWhen can I download the new ‘Justice League’ #1?

DC Comics’ ‘New 52’ reboot: Where do we go from here?

As of tomorrow, DC Comics will be past the point of no return. In much the same way that their chief competitor Marvel rebooted its characters in 1996’s “Heroes Reborn” and then again in the Ultimate titles, DC will be scrapping everything and rebuilding their world from the ground up. Personally, outside of of Grant … Read moreDC Comics’ ‘New 52’ reboot: Where do we go from here?