100 Days, 100 Comics #87: ‘Injury Comics’ vol. 1 #2

I’m going to miss Buenaventura Press books now that they’ve closed shop. That may mean that Ted May, M. Jason Robards and Jeff Wilson’s Injury Comics vol. 1 #2 was the last BP book I ended up buying new, which is a shame since they were one of the first shopping stops at about any show I’d find them at.

The themes of youth culture, drug culture and deviant behavior that work just as well in Charles Burns’ Black Hole and Johnny Ryan’s Angry Youth Comix surface in this series of scenes about love, guys with shabby mustaches and rock’n roll.

Injury #2 shares a comparable penchant for the surreal with both of those comics, and the enjoyment it provides comes from its ability to shock and parallel the reader’s experience with the mystic mind-expanding world of Black Sabbath fandom. Like some of my other favorite reads from the publisher, this one commits to no genre or general natural rules. It’s an organic experience with a raw sense of humor and loose morals, but it’s fun ride.

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