100 Days, 100 Comics #86: ‘The Bulletproof Coffin’ #1

The first two issues of The Bulletproof Coffin by David Hine and Shaky Kane have been sitting on my coffee table for a good two months. I really have no good excuse beyond the fact that I’ve been reading other things that have been piling on top of them and I finally made it down to the bottom of the stack this evening.

Hine deals well with pulp horror and hero elements in the same space, and Kane’s Seth Fisher meets Tales From the Crypt vibe flagged my attention when I picked this up off the rack. One chapter in, the full page-by-page compositions didn’t always sync together smoothly for me, but the individual figures and panels did what they needed to to define the story, and the coloring went a long way in helping it do that.

The story is basically about a guy who rummages through dead people’s belongings, and this sort of origin story introduction explains how he comes into contact with some history and nicknacks that will presumably shape the course of the six-issue miniseries going forward. As far as getting the book off the ground and defining what’s going on, it’s a success with a lively creep factor.

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