100 Days, 100 Comics #73: ‘Green Lantern’ #50

From the time I first saw a Yellow Lantern ring try to latch itself onto Batman, I knew Geoff Johns would come the point where rings began flying around and causing apocalyptically colorful fights with scenes like Hal Jordan thwacking a giant green hammer through a zombie Spectre’s lower jaw. That one wins my favorite hit of 2010 so far, and there are reams of other memorable moments littered throughout Green Lantern #50.

For a landmark 50th issue it was suitably epic, though I can’t imagine that anyone who hasn’t been reading the “Blackest Night” books would have any clue as to what’s going on. Luckily, that doesn’t matter. This book is one long GWAR guitar solo of a comic book smackfest. Reading through it, you almost get the feeling that Johns could have spent the last decade putting his ducks in a row so that he could one day tell Doug Mahnke to draw Mera vomiting bloodfire all over her zombie son and zombie Aquaman with extreme prejudice. The same could be said of the contents of any number of other panels inside. It’s fan-service of the highest order, but for the same reasons I love to crank “Saddam A Go-Go” on boring Saturday afternoons, I would read Green Lantern #50 again, and inside I may pump a fist or two.

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