Link Sausage: 2/1/2010

• If you don’t read the The Oatmeal yet, the “10 Things You Need to Stop Tweeting About” page is a great place to start. After you do that, I recommend viewing the TwitPic page that accidentally shares a URL with one of the panels you’ve just seen.

• Surely if you read webcomics at all this week, the existence of Axe Cop has been made known to you.

• My new favorite Tumblr user to follow is Rob Huebel, who introduced me to the pint-sized reggaeton stylings of Mini Daddy.

• Most of those questions I had about the iPad last week did not receive positive answers, and the lack of Flash support kind of pushed me back another few steps from considering it, but Kiel Phegley got some answers over on regarding comics plans for the device.

• Heidi MacDonald’s blog The Beat is moving over away from Publishers Weekly, so if you haven’t adjusted your bookmarks yet, get on that.

• I never knew that Tommy, the Green Ranger from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, fought in an MMA event until I read this post over at The Cool Kids Table.

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