100 Days, 100 Comics #25: ‘Green Lantern’ #46

Green Lantern #46First of all, how crazy is it that the last Green Lantern #46 had Mongul in it as well during “Reign of the Supermen!”? Funny how that stuff happens.

I was wondering when the story was going to get back to Mongul, now that he’d fashioned those gigantic pieces of hate bling for himself from the rings of the fallen Sinestro Corps members. Indigo-1 showed up with Hal, fresh out of Blackest Night #3, and I was really hoping to see some more drama among Hal, Carol, and Sinestro before they formed their obligatory truce, but that was more or less a footnote before Sinestro finally confronted Mongul and the necessary status quo was achieved to put the big yellow dude out of commission so that the Black Lanterns can be dealt with.

The final confrontation between Sinestro and Mongul worked for me, but this issue really read like it was in a hurry up to that point, just fast forwarding and putting other plot points off to be dealt with later until the finale arrived. Mahnke’s art, of course, is gorgeous, and I liked Indigo-1 way better this issue — though I’m sure that’s because she didn’t have another epically awkward monologue.

The action scenes were fine, but the writing and pacing just seemed a little impatient — specifically when they skipped right through events like the big pink dragon getting loose. It’s probably going to take me a good day or two to figure out if I think the last scene balanced all of that out, but I don’t think I’m going to know that until I see which threads come back up in the next issue.

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