‘Plants vs. Zombies’ problems on OS X Lion: the solution

Compatibility issues with OS X Lion left me in peace for the most part when I upgraded my late-2008 MacBook’s Apple-made operating system a couple of weeks back. One of my prized time guzzlers, “Plants vs. Zombies,” however, did summon a nasty incompatibility alert when I tried starting it up. I saw some message board postings and scattered complaints about this problem online, but I know that some of you following this blog are both Mac users and “PvZ” lovers, so here’s the solution that worked for my PopCap.com-downloaded version (hat-tip and thanks to Russ Frushtick, who sent me down the right path).

1) If you originally downloaded the game from PopCap, go their website and sign in.

2) You should land on a page called “My PopCap Games Account.” Toward the bottom, you should see an order history. Click on the big, yellow “Details” button.

3) You should then see a small alert box that states:

“To download and re-install a previously purchased game, click the game name linked below.”

After you get to that point, it should be pretty self-explanatory. Click on the game title, and an updated, Lion-compatible version of the game should be sent on its way to your computer from PopCap.


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This worked great! The 2.1 download just copied right over my original 1.0 version without erasing my progress, awards, or zen garden. Thanks.

But if I download 2.1 version I’ll lose my Michael Jackson dancer! I know PopCap wanted customers to upgrade because of liability issues, but I hoarded mine! RATS!

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