100 Days, 100 Comics #64: ‘King City’ #2

As of the end of issue #2, King City has a solid drumbeat going, introducing the story piecemeal and not keeping any type of pacing that feels it needs any adherence to the issue so much as each issue just turns on the faucet and lets out a little more story.

Joe’s ex-girlfriend Anna gets as much spotlight as anyone in this chapter, which also snaps temporarily into a fever-dream flashback regarding her new relationship partner’s missing leg. Again, there’s way more showing than explaining or telling in Graham’s story, but that brings with it the benefit of leaving much to the imagination — particularly whether or that dream sequence is grounded in real events. The missing leg would tend to corroborate the dream, but the guise of a surreal urban sci-fi world leaves it up to the reader to deduce whether or not he actually chainsawed through a horde of zombies.

The story information to page ratio seems to be much higher than it was in issue #1, which was much appreciated. Maybe it’s just that more characters were introduced, as well as more action scenes, but #2 felt like it really set the comic’s wheels down on the pavement.

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