100 Days, 100 Comics #59: ‘Green Lantern Corps’ #43

All of the red and green in Green Lantern Corps #43 was really well timed for the holidays. The story picks up where #42 left off with Kyle’s ring taking off to find its new finger. The lack of spacial orientation I’ve commented on before was as consistent as ever, but I don’t think “Blackest Night” readers are necessarily expecting any setting definition at this point. It’s all about the fights and the big colorful ring creations, and Patrick Gleason delivers.

Gleason does some of the best faces you’ll find in superhero comics right now — especially with Guy Gardner. I get the sense that he must love being able to draw a whole issue with absolutely no backgrounds whatsoever (OK, I count one small skyline in one panel) and just focus on the fights and characters. Many lesser artists wish they could be so lucky.

The fights and Guy Gardner are the highlights. Without spoiling anything in this review, the ending is a bit of an ambiguous deus ex machina that almost renders the issue unnecessary, but my hope is that there are some lasting implications for both Guy and Kyle moving forward. If that’s the case, I can see this story getting better with age. If you’re a Guy fan, this comic is a can’t miss. Better news, though, is that if you’re a Mogo fan issue #44 will probably be a can’t miss.

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