100 Days, 100 Comics #43: ‘Doctor Who Classics Series 2’ #11

Doctor Who Classics Series 2 #11I managed to watch the new Doctor Who special “The Waters of Mars” this week after it aired in the U.K., and without spoiling anything, it brought up a reference or two to the old Ice Warriors from Mars’ history, so this cover caught me in a moment of weakness.

These stories were originally published in the U.K. but have been re-colored for this IDW compilation. The illustration is actually quite a bit better than what you normally get out of the average given media property book these days (though artist Mick Austin’s predilection for large heads unbalances the tone at times). Steve Parkhouse’s story, meanwhile, is very basic. The main villain wants to destroy the Tardis with a doomsday weapon, and he tries to kill the Fifth Doctor.

It wasn’t nearly as compelling a tale as the average TV episode, and what story that was there was good enough, but I am experiencing a little buyer’s remorse over dropping $3.99 on this book.

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