100 Days, 100 Comics #36: ‘Green Lantern’ #47

Green Lantern #47“Go ahead and play the universe’s largest violin for me.”
–Hal Jordan

I want less Indigo Tribe talking and more Hal Jordan talking. Also, more bickering between Sinestro and Hal. This issue felt like a lot of broken up scenes more than it really worked as single read, but the core Hal/Sinestro vignette was worth picking Green Lantern #47 up for.

It’s actually hard to evaluate what this book did other than establishing that the Red Lanterns’ rings really do replace the function of their hearts and don’t just metaphorically replace them. Beyond that it was just another drop in the bucket for the crossover. It was a little jolting to watch Atrocitus come out of nowhere on Okaara in the end after the opening sequence where he’s clearly on Ysmault. This whole crossover has the tendency to feel like its narrative structure is emulating a Jackson Pollock painting at times in that respect, where there are so many different fights taking place back to back that it’s difficult to understand if there’s an intentional narrative gap meant to cause suspense and bewilderment or whether editorial just wanted to fast forward through a narrative wormhole for action’s sake.

At this point, I feel like I’m in for the long haul with “Blackest Night,” though, so I’ll let you know how it works out when I get out on the other side.

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