What was in this week’s podcast episode: The Beatles and AI resource needs

If you didn’t get an alert on your podcast platform of choice on Friday, just know that the second episode of “The AI Artifacts Podcast” is now live. You can hear it on AIArtifacts.net, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or most other fine listening destinations.

It was a fun episode. If you caught us the week before, you’ll note some differences, seeing that we added a news discussion up top, squeezed in a quick round of “Two truths and l’AI,” and pulled in our first guest interview with our friend and data science practitioner Thomas Huitric.

On the front end, we spent more time than I expected on the Beatles track and what it means for the future of music, but the big topic of the day was data, infrastructure, and resource needs for AI training and use at scale.

Our goal from the beginning with this show was to blend some fun with real learning about some serious topics in the AI and machine learning space, and we definitely enjoyed running some numbers and getting into it on this one. Please enjoy!

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