Lunch Links: Staffing changes, Tarantino and E3

Chuck Klosterman has joined The New York Times Magazine as the publication’s new ethics columnist. Like most of his readers who have followed him for more than a book or two and around the Internet, I’ll read whatever he has to say about anything, so watching him hit an ethics piñata around on a regular basis should be fun.

• Meanwhile, Laura Hudson announced that she’s leaving ComicsAlliance as editor-in-chief. The site will be in capable hands with Andy Khouri and Caleb Goellner, both of whom are outstanding wranglers of news and commentary. Laura really elevated the conversation on numerous occasions at CA, though. She’ll be missed.

• It’s hard to imagine a more credible duo to pair for a hip-hop record than GZA and Neil deGrasse Tyson. In fact, this is probably the best collaboration I’ve heard tell of since Tom Waits united with Kool Keith.

• Quentin Tarantino’s new trailer for “Django Unchained” arrived. Race relations have always been a minefield for criticism in this guy’s films. It looks like “Django” won’t be an exception.

• Ray Bradbury’s death cast a shadow over the the week. The history of his perspective on e-publishing and how he ultimately decided to allow his works to be published digitally was nice to read, however.

• I had hoped to add something E3 related that I was excited about here, since the show concluded a few days ago. “Watch Dogs,” the WiiU and Microsoft’s SmartGlass were definitely the most interesting topics to emerge from the show, but I really can say for sure yet whether or not I’ve got a personal interest in getting my hands on any of them.

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