Link Sausage: 4/13/2010

• I ended up out at the Twins/White Sox game on Saturday instead of traveling out to Manhattan to the MoCCA Art Fest, but luckily Gary Tyrrell, Rick Marshall and Sean T. Collins blogged about most of the things I would have wanted to see anyway. At the top of that list, of course, is Top Shelf’s Swedish invasion posse who will be showing up at the Nerd City C2E2 party this Saturday in Chicago.

• My Chicago-based pal Brian Crowley launched his new webcomic Hamster Rage this week, and I approve.

The A.V. Club ran a great rundown of characters from Warren Zevon songs. I talk to people all the time who wish they knew more about Zevon or where to start listening to his oeuvre beyond “Werewolves of London.” This is a great “Zevon for Dummies”-style start.

Philip Tan draws about the best Beta Ray Bill I’ve seen this month.

Diesel Sweeties summed up in a provocatively succinct manner what Twitter and the Internet are probably doing to writing as an institution.

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