Link Sausage: 1/19/2010

• Sad news this week as the Poe Toaster failed to show up at Edgar Allan Poe’s grave in Baltimore, breaking a 60-year tradition.

• I must have missed this when it was popular, but someone spliced together scenes from A Goofy Movie to make it look like David Lynch was the director.

• Firearms laws in the U.S. may need to start figuring out how they’ll apply to Star Trek phasers.

• The “Pants on the Ground” guy from American Idol is one of those prisms of cultural forces that benefits from a step back. Mike Le and Chris Ward did that over on Geek Week, and within a week of Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, their thoughts are worth considering.

• I’m not a big Project Runway watcher, but Tim Gunn breaking down the differences between Batman and Spider-Man’s costumes was a video event that I’m glad Rick Marshall had the vision to instigate.

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