Link Sausage: 11/22/2009

• I had so many sentimental “Ohhhhh” moments reading Tom Spurgeon’s “83 Best Superhero Projects Of The Decade We’re Leaving” list just now, I very well may have to crack a longbox or two open before going to bed tonight. Though I still need to read Brian Azzarello and Richard Corben’s Cage, as well as Street Angel and one or two others, a bunch of these titles watermarked various major events and moments in my life since New X-Men ended my half-decade comics hiatus shortly before college. Also, reading this list may have aged me mentally by 2 years.

• The official Star Trek Online launch is getting so close I can taste it, and if you’ve talked to me about it you know how firmly I believe that the Pakled should be a playable race. Well, someone made this amazing YouTube video about what a Star Trek spin-off series might look like starring the Pakled, and it’s pretty on the mark:

• There’s now a video for “Spacious Thoughts,” the Tom Waits/Kool Keith track off of the N.A.S.A. record last year. It’s pretty, but I wish it would have connected with the lyrics more than it did:

T.J. Dietsch shares my fondness for Remote Control and the late Ken Ober.

• Seriously, I saw the new cover to The Economist last week, and my head about insta-fragged. Someone there really likes rocket flatulence metaphors.

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