Link Sausage: 11/03/2009

• Alex Kropinak and Sean T. Collins, two of my colleagues from back the olden days, continue to do amazing work with their Marvel What The–?! episodes. Here’s their tribute to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video featuring Stan Lee.

• David Tennant’s scored an hour-long pilot for a new TV show on NBC called Rex is Not Your Lawyer. In it, he’s going to play a Chicago litigator, so I’m hoping that means some Chicago filming dates are in store.

• Tony Millionaire’s Achewood guest strip this week was everything you’d hope it would be.

• I spoke to Dolph Lundgren briefly last week about a few different things, primarily his new direct-to-DVD movie Command Performance. First post about that is on MTV Movies Blog. I’m actually watching it on Netflix right now, and the scene of the Russian Premier’s daughters dancing in their suite prior to the terrorist attack is pretty hilarious.

• Over on MTV’s Splash Page, we name dropped the scariest comics we’ve read. I was really astonished that there wasn’t any overlap. Great lists all.

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