Link Sausage: 10/13/2009

Jeffrey Brown

• Most everyone I used to work with at Wizard has some sort of ongoing sketchbook theme that they update at conventions. Rick has his Hunter S. Thompson book. Sean has his David Bowie book. Dave has his Lockjaw book. I’ve even got my neglected Matter Eater Lad book. Well, my pal Rickey Purdin has a Watchmen book, and Jeffrey Brown recently did a commission for it that Rickey posted over on The Cool Kids Table. Feast your eyes.

• And speaking of sketchbooks, you could fill one with this stellar gallery of Harvey Pekar portraits done over at in honor of his 70th birthday. They really do capture the range of eccentricities and passion that have powered his comics over the years.

• This Dalek jack-o-lantern is one of the greatest DIY projects of the season. It’s features in a gallery of nearly-as-cool robot-based pumpkin sculptures.

Dalek pumpkin

• Did you know that Dave from Alvin & the Chipmunks was named for the stage name of an actor in Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window? Metfilter educates us all on the secret origins of Alvin & the Chipmunks.

• A finally, holy cow(!), look at the price difference between these two copies of Matt Furie’s Boy’s Club #2 on and tell me how that seller named ANY_BOOK thinks they can get away with that.

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