The recent MTV rundown

Here’s a quick rundown of some of what I’ve been up to on MTV’s two movie blogs over the last couple of weeks. For those who haven’t been watching, I’ve assembled an easy-to-use recap menu:
°Emma Stone Joining Woody Harrelson For ‘Zombieland’
°Terry Gilliam Returning To ‘The Man Who Killed Don Quixote’
°Sam Rockwell Confirms ‘Iron Man 2′ Role, Was Considered For Tony Stark
°Sam Rockwell Heads To Park City With Two Films In Tow
°Danny Boyle Shaky On ‘Judge Dredd’ & Terry Pratchett Adaptations
°Danny Elfman To Score ‘Terminator Salvation’
°Rob Zombie Unveils New Face Of Michael Myers For ‘H2’
°In Adapting Neil Gaiman’s ‘Coraline,’ Director Henry Selick Says Less Interaction Was Better
°‘Watchmen’ Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan On Film’s Rape Scene: ‘It’s Rated ‘R’ For A Reason’
°Obama Amazing Spider-Man Issue Fist-Bumps Media, Heads To Third Printing
°‘The Dark Knight’ Video Game… For The 8-Bit Nintendo?
°Frank Miller’s ‘Sin City 2’ Script Finished & Filming To Begin In 2009, Says Jamie King
°‘Watchmen’ Pirate Film ‘Black Freighter’ Gets R Rating, Says Report
°Lex Luthor Not Returning For ‘Superman Returns’ Sequel?

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