When ‘Sheldon’ pondered IKEA

Gary Tyrrell posted his rundown of webcomic buys for the year, and I have to say, I’m a bit envious of the guy for acquiring this hilarious Sheldon strip from January 16 of last year. I can now thank Dave Kellett for forever hearing IKEA furniture model names in Italian/Jersey accents inside my head from here on out.


Sheldon does IKEA
Click to see the full strip © Dave Kellett

2 thoughts on “When ‘Sheldon’ pondered IKEA

  1. It IS all a lie! I’m telling you! Ikea is to Sweden what fortune cookies are to the Chinamen! Hot damn that’s truth! The only thing that makes me madder than Ikea are their stupid fold-out directions for things! What the hell is that?

    Speaking of Asian stereotypes, your “This Week In India” feature is featured as a citation in my Assholes of 2008 master list. I kind of did that without your permission, and now I just insulted the Swedes–your adopted people–so try and remember our years of friendship when you send me your reply.

    Happy New Year!

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