Link Sausage: 3/16/2010

• Well, first off, if you doubted why I’ve been neglecting the blog over the past few weeks, it’s because I’ve been busy with day-job work. If you need links for proof, I’ve been writing about Adrien Brody and Predators, Edward Norton and The Avengers, the 2010 Academy Awards, Olivia Wilde and Tron: Legacy, Marc Webb’s Spider-Man movie, why Avatar didn’t win Best Picture, and the list goes on. There was also a trip to Liverpool in there somewhere that involved a fascinating tour of the Bizarre Creations studio in Liverpool. I wrote quite a bit about Blur shortly thereafter. Most of that was done in excess of my typical weekday workloads, so the keyboards have been getting plenty of exercise.

• James Kochalka appears in the trailer for this new film called Mars that I’m interested in watching some day.

MARS – The Movie [HD Trailer] from Geoff Marslett on Vimeo.

• I linked to this video for “70 Million” by Hold Your Horses on my Tumblr a long time ago, but I’m still watching it like mad.

70 Million by Hold Your Horses ! from L'Ogre on Vimeo.

• The Corey Haim memorial post that will forever define the day after his death for me was written by Chris Ward, whether I like it or not. It included this video:

• I’d managed to be an Internet citizen for some time without ever encountering the <Doctor Who alignment chart or the Big Lebowski alignment chart.

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