Link Sausage: 2/8/2010

• So here’s a decent photo study on Chicago’s “Rockabilly subculture,” which I didn’t know much about prior finding this link on Digg. I was disappointed that these “lifers” don’t include girls in Viking helmets jumping rope as a part of their definition of Rockabilly aesthetic.

• You don’t need to speak Swedish to be able to appreciate this video of Dolph Lundgren singing, beating the tar out of some drums and breaking things with his bare fist. (via @nerdcityonline)

• According to The New York Times, it is not uncommon to be killed in the Philippines for singing Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” on karaoke nights.

• Rene Engström’s webcomic Anders Loves Maria concluded, and I can’t remember another webcomic whose conclusion kicked me in the heart this hard.

• In honor of the Super Bowl yesterday I indulged in the hospitality of my good friend and neighbor, yelled, and wrote a list for MTV’s Splash Page blog of the best comic book-related Super Bowl ads.

• I just got home from guesting on the Episode #78 of the Nerd City podcast. It not posted just yet. Nor will I be as entertaining as Chris Burnham was in Episode #77, but I had a spectacular time, and I hope Ben, Max and Crowley did too.

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