Link Sausage: 11/30/2009

• There’s a mini-documentary by W magazine up about Ingmar Bergman’s island home of Fårö, which showed up in his films as much as any of his recurring cast members. It’s really haunting to think about the manic notes he wrote down on his bedside table, and it turned my stomach a bit to think that it might be sold to become someone’s summer home. There’s a chance it may be preserved as an artists’ colony, though, which would be a fitting tribute to its place in cinema.

• Whoever this mystery client is who thinks they can get away with using Superman’s emblem to promote their products free of charge, I hope they have lawyers on retainer.

• Please, do not get me anything for Christmas off of this list posted by Chris Ward.

Christopher Allen interviewed Sean T. Collins about comics criticism and blogging. Among other things, he discusses old times at Wizard and snarky “no-holds-barred criticism.”

• Did you know that Kim Jong-Il‘s “official biography claims that his birth was foretold by a swallow and led to the appearance of a double rainbow along with the emergence of a new star in space.” The Mirror knows.

• I’m only eating Chocolate Marshmallow Cosmos next time I go to San Diego Comic-Con and saving a few bucks, thanks to Rickey Purdin.

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