Link Sausage: 9/28/2009

• This mash-up remix of Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking is catchy and makes you wonder about the possibilities and limits associated with space travel.

• I wasn’t aware of most of these picks on a list of the most controversial magazine covers of all time — particularly that zombie-armed Sarah Michelle Gellar Photoshop disaster — but now I am.

• Chicago faces the music tomorrow in its bid to host the Olympics. Amid the firefights going on over whether or not we can afford it, whether or not it will be profitable, and whether or not hosting the Olympics and solving existing infrastructure and gun violence problems are mutually exclusive objectives has really had my head spinning the last few months. I’ll probably be relieved and disappointed whatever the outcome is.

• The Three Frames blog turns me into a moth in front of strobe light. They like those, right?

• My pal, colleague, and former summer roommate TJ Dietsch pulls up a classic comic book ad for the NES game Abadox and calls for a remake. I would play that. Hard.

• Speaking of video games, if these new Street Fighter IV characters are part of a new game instead of DLC that costs less than $50, I’ll probably be audibly grumbling for a few weeks. You’ve been warned.

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