My final five hopes

My hat is off and on the floor to how great the second half of Battlestar Galactica¬†Season 4 has been thus far. Not only have they managed to make all of the expected reveals; Ron Moore, Mark Verheiden, and everyone else have made everything more interesting with each week. I’ve still got five remaining hopes/theories about how things are going to play out before this series ends. Tell me how these scratch you:

1) ¬†We’ll still get to see reptile people. If Dean Stockwell is messing around with cloning or whatever he’s doing now with Hera, there’s still a chance something will go horribly wrong and we’ll finally get to see one of the lingering elements from the original series put into play.

2) Billy will come back. Since Baltar suggested in last week’s episode that there is a life after death for everyone, that means he can still come back and halfway fulfill my theory that was blown by him not being one of the Final Five.

3) Starbuck is Saul’s daughter. This could also mean that there are millions of Starbucks, according to his wife. But it would be a great final bow to tag onto their relationship in the series.

4) The whole cyclical prophesy deal will somehow encompass the the original series and create some kind of breathing time-pattern deal wherein there will be an infinite number of new BSG series to follow when this one concludes — all variations of one another.

5) Jimi Hendrix will somehow play a role in the finale when we find out what that song deal is all about that diagetically integrated “All Along the Watchtower” into the series.

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  1. I’d just like to know what happens after Season One. Thanks, asshole who’s had the first two discs of Season Two checked out of my town’s only Blockbuster for over two months now. The suspense is goddamn killing me.

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