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Posted by – October 2, 2008

In celebration of my successful upgrade to the new WordPress, which now allows me to blog remotely from from the BriPhone, here are 3 Top Five lists commemorating tonight’s VP debate, my team’s kickball loss several hours ago, and (in the spirit of this blog) my favorite Swedish films of all time — in ascending order.

All Time Most Entertaining People to Watch Argue
5) Mike Gravel
4) My old roomate Suds
3) Ron Paul
2) John Cleese
1) Preacher Dan

Best Sporting Matches I’ve Seen Live
5) Ashleigh vs. Amy @ boxing outside my apartment senior year
4) Mark Phillippoussis vs. Greg Rusedski @ Wimbeldon
3) Me vs. a 14-year-old nationally ranked Swedish girl @ table tennis (I lost)
2) Chicago Bulls (with Jordan and Rodman) vs. Cleveland (with fat Shawn Kemp)
1) UIUC basketball vs. Wake Forest my senior year

All Time Favorite Swedish Films
5) Sunes Sommar
4) Fanny och Alexander
3) Det sjunde inseglet
2) Tystnaden
1) Mitt liv som hund

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