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Simon Cowell’s face

Posted by – April 4, 2009

I’m as big of a supporter of schadenfreude as anyone, but I’ve never really latched on to American Idle. That said the character of Simon Cowell does fascinate me, mainly from the absurd polarization between critic and performer that the show creates with him. Sky News has this moderately aesthetically interesting masks gallery up right now; I was engaging in some standard Internet surf-zombie behavior ruffling through them when I came upon Cowell’s. Celebrities painted their own faces to sell on eBay for charity. Anyway, I had to stop and look at this one just to figure out if I thought Simon Cowell had any reason to presume himself a painter. It seemed so simple at first glance — then I realized the facepalm symbolism at work here. And you know what, Simon Cowell? You made me laugh.


Clicking on the mask goes to the full Sky News gallery.

Clicking on the mask goes to the full Sky News gallery.

My final five hopes

Posted by – March 13, 2009

My hat is off and on the floor to how great the second half of Battlestar Galactica Season 4 has been thus far. Not only have they managed to make all of the expected reveals; Ron Moore, Mark Verheiden, and everyone else have made everything more interesting with each week. I’ve still got five remaining hopes/theories about how things are going to play out before this series ends. Tell me how these scratch you:

1)  We’ll still get to see reptile people. If Dean Stockwell is messing around with cloning or whatever he’s doing now with Hera, there’s still a chance something will go horribly wrong and we’ll finally get to see one of the lingering elements from the original series put into play.

2) Billy will come back. Since Baltar suggested in last week’s episode that there is a life after death for everyone, that means he can still come back and halfway fulfill my theory that was blown by him not being one of the Final Five.

3) Starbuck is Saul’s daughter. This could also mean that there are millions of Starbucks, according to his wife. But it would be a great final bow to tag onto their relationship in the series.

4) The whole cyclical prophesy deal will somehow encompass the the original series and create some kind of breathing time-pattern deal wherein there will be an infinite number of new BSG series to follow when this one concludes — all variations of one another.

5) Jimi Hendrix will somehow play a role in the finale when we find out what that song deal is all about that diagetically integrated “All Along the Watchtower” into the series.

Video game history

Posted by – March 2, 2009

I’m serious. I don’t care how bad the reviews are. This game lets you fight orca whales with a samurai sword. There’s something to be said for that.

Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad

Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad

(Source: IGN)

“The Transient”

Posted by – February 27, 2009

The follow is a spectacular 25-minute vampire Abraham Lincoln film masterminded by my friend Chris and starring many gentlemen whose creative efforts I support, endorse, and fervently recommend exposure to. And now, “The Transient.”

5 great things about the last 2 weeks

Posted by – December 13, 2008

Well, it’s been an interesting last 12 days. I think I Twittered a few days ago that there’s a 7-day period in there that will come to be known in my memoirs as “The Week of Cookies, Doctor Who, and Positive Thinking.” I’m transitioning right now from a full-time office job back into a couple of consultant and freelance roles — all things I’m really excited about. That last 12 days, have been so epic, however, I thought they warranted a few shout outs to the Internet nitros that kept me stimulated and good-humored.

1) The Dr. Who Wiki A good pal of mine asked me a couple of weeks ago why I wasn’t a Doctor Who fan. The simple truth I just never had the occassion to sit down and look at it. Well, streaming Netflix came to my aid here, I watched the first season of the new series, and now I’m pretty much sold. There was a good 5-hour period the other night where I just swam through all the associated links with Satellite Five.

2) Webcomics about layoffs I have a couple handfuls of friends, particularly in publishing, who have been directly affected by current economic conditions coupled with the poor conditions of the book market. Thanks to the Diggers who pushed this collection up to their front page. Here’s my personal favorite.

3) Chris Hastings doing karaoke with Bill MurrayI actually didn’t find out about this via the stupendously watchful Gary Tyrrell or the Dr. McNinja creator’s LiveJournal like a lot of people probably did. There was a quick Twitter update a few nights ago that I was able to catch thanks to the late hours I’ve been keeping. It put me to bed with a smile on my face. I love that we live in a world where this can happen.

4) Johnny Ryan comics at Vice MagazineThis is incredibly NSFW and adult, but I have loved Johnny Ryan’s sense of humor since the moment my old pal Rickey introduced me to him back at the New York job, and it makes me kind of excited to see a magazine like Vice using him well.

5) Great freelancing tips, also via DiggI think a lot of these tenets are ingrained into my seasonally penny-pinching and celebratory when appropriate mindset, but given the demands of things, this piece should be a useful checklist for anyone needing to understand how being a freelancer or contractor is approximately like running your own business.

Banksy’s new pet store

Posted by – October 10, 2008

This is the kind of presentation I miss since leaving New York last year; awesome artist with a taste for the theatrical, Banksy, has opened up a new pet shop near dear-to-my-heart bar The Jekyll & Hyde Pub.

The picture from the Village Voice’s slideshow caught my fancy extra snugly — framing an issue of industrially, genetically, and hormonally supped-up fowl within the icon of a Looney Tunes character. That’s reason enough for applause without the killer Hensonian attention to detail flushed into this sculpture. It’s part of a walk-in museum masquerading as a pet store. It’s surrealist, it’s a satirical appropriation of space, and the pictures are gorgeous.

I’m not a vegetarian; though on occassion I’ve been asked if I was — I try to balance things out. I’m more interested in ecology and animal treatment as responsibilities within the realm of sustainable living, which a lot of globally sprawled fastfood chain procedures laugh in the face of. I don’t want everything to be Kobe beef — I’m more concerned with where my money’s going, possibly employing people to commit un-health-conscious and repeated acts of unnecessary wrath against animals.

Like all good Banksy, the killer satire is what drives this concept home. It wreaks of something I love about Banksy’s other work, too, which is how the surreally silly can drag you into this Twilight Zone in the middle of broad daylight, almost disarm you completely with its dark humor, and use that disarmed state to open your eyes to a condition that was there all along in reality — reflected right back at you with an aesthetic dynamo. I wish I could see it firsthand. I’d also like to see what level of theatre the shopkeepers engage in. Anyone who sees it should let me know.

Hero of the Week: “Fusion Man”

Posted by – May 17, 2008

Yves Rossy

This week, a 48-year-old former Swiss fighter pilot successfully flew around above the Alps in a jet pack. The BBC had this awesome photo of him captured in the act. No reports of successfully launched laser beams from anyone’s eyeballs this week, so Yves gets my laurels.

Warmoth is finally a thrash metal band

Posted by – May 1, 2008


One of my favorite fellows to deal with at my old job once asked me if I’d made up my last name to sound cooler as a writer and went on to suggest it sounded like the name of a metal band. This week my joy knew no bounds when I discovered the MySpace page of a band in the U.K. called Warmoth. They only have one demo track currently posted — called “Eyes of Silence” — but it’s not a shabby effort. Any band called Warmoth should push boundaries of thrash metal and create a “crushing wall of sound,” which is exactly what these guys propose doing in their MySpace manifesto.

The view up here

Posted by – April 14, 2008

Swedish watertower