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Hero of the Week: Anonymous 78-year-old Swede

Posted by – June 30, 2008

According to this BBC article, a drunk 78-year-old Swedish man attempted to row all of the way from Helsingor in Denmark to Helsingborg in Sweden. I’ve taken the ferry between those two cities, and it’s a hefty ride even by motorized vehicle — about 3 miles, BBC says.

Apparently he didn’t have the crowns for a ferry and opted to steal a dinghy to propel himself home on instead. Unfortunately for him, he fell asleep halfway out and drifted back to Denmark. I give him 5 gold stars for effort though. It’s one thing to steal a car, but something entirely different to steal a rowboat at the age of 78 and have the arms to cross the Oresund Strait. Only in Scandinavia.

Hero of the Week: “Fusion Man”

Posted by – May 17, 2008

Yves Rossy

This week, a 48-year-old former Swiss fighter pilot successfully flew around above the Alps in a jet pack. The BBC had this awesome photo of him captured in the act. No reports of successfully launched laser beams from anyone’s eyeballs this week, so Yves gets my laurels.