Hey look, I’m on MTV[.com]

Posted by – January 5, 2009

Things are really busy now, as I’m engaged in a handful of side projects in varying capacities. One of those is over at the wonderful MTV Movies Blog, who did me the honor of entertaining my bloggery today regarding the new “Halloween” mask sculpt.

The whole editorial team over there at the SplashPage, Multiplayer, and Movies blogs have been doing a fantastic job over the last year, so it’s quite an honor to lend them a few letters.

2 Comments on Hey look, I’m on MTV[.com]

  1. Glad to have you on the team, brother!

  2. Ugh. Now we’ll never be able to go have a Wild Turkey without getting mobbed by your entourage of hot underage fans. It’s like you’re Jeremy Piven or something.

    Whatever. Time to go be shallow and snarky on my own blog. Where we have no such MTV-related validation to claim we’re hot shit.

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