Podcast studio for in-person recording

I have led podcast production in multiple B2B contexts, delivering in-depth conversation, news, and analysis to key audiences. In my work planning, producing, and publishing podcasts, my hands-on experience includes:

  • branding and creative asset generation
  • digital tool sourcing and training
  • hosting
  • recording and post-production sound-editing
  • intro/outro music sourcing and editing
  • feed and content-hosting setup
  • landing page creation
  • editorial calendar and episode-specific programming planning
  • integrated cross-channel marketing
  • tailoring content to audience interests

Listen to examples of my work below:

  • Orange Silicon Valley Bistrocast episode on human-centered AI with guest Mira Murati from OpenAI
  • Orange Silicon Valley Bistrocast episode with guests from the UN World Food Programme exploring their work at an event hosted in San Francisco
  • Inside Weekly Trends episode where my co-host and I assessed current events in business and tech while recapping our recent Meet Our Fund event

In podcasting, as with my other work, I bring together two decades of experience creating compelling and useful content, targeting specific audiences that can benefit. I have done this for a variety of defined verticals, including:

  • venture capitalists
  • startup founders
  • telecommunications executives
  • campus IT leaders at the K-12 and higher ed levels
  • electric utility executives
  • healthcare executives
  • food production executives
  • retail executives
In-studio guests from the UN World Food Programme Bistrocast episode

My work has included collaboration with partners, advertisers, and guests from major brands such as:

  • Siemens
  • Sprint
  • Salesforce
  • Nvidia
  • SoundHound

In both editorial and custom content, my priority remains connecting audiences with the information and people that will help them the most. Podcasts provide a dynamic and intimate opportunity to achieve this goal by not only spotlighting insights, but delivering them in the context of authentic, personal conversations where ideas can be interrogated and expanded upon through accessible language and the thoughtful flow of questions, answers, and elaboration.